The Importance of Customer Service For Small Businesses

It may seem that only large businesses with multiple employees and divisions of labor are the companies that most need fast and helpful customer service divisions. However, this is simply not true. Small businesses need to provide great customer service just as much as large corporations do. Here is some advice to help small business owners overcome their customer service disadvantages and emphasize their advantages over large businesses’ service.Bigger companies have many more employees than small, localized businesses. Therefore, it is easy for them to have a whole division devoted to customer service, rather than just a person or two. Customer service specialists often undergo training and have extended experience in helping out their clients. This can translate to knowledgeable, professional help.For smaller companies, having a large group of people specifically assigned to customer service is not always an option. However, it is still a good idea to assign phone duties to certain people so that they can answer customer call-ins. A client will probably not realize that he or she is talking to a receptionist or just another employee if the worker handles it in a calm, organized fashion.Customer service divisions in large companies are often told that they can make a huge impact on their client by limiting the amount of transfers the person must endure. However, how many times have you called a large business only to be transferred five times and stuck on hold for a grand total of thirty minutes? This seems to be the norm for calling in your questions or comments, not the outlier.Small business have the advantage over large ones in this regard. Often, the person or team assigned to taking customer calls in a small company know who does what, and so they are able to more directly transfer clients to the person they actually need. This limits the time spent on hold, and also makes the company seem caring and efficient, which translates to excellent service.So far, we have focused on dialing up customer service. However, what about those people who have questions about the website of a company? Large businesses usually have the option of assigning a legion of people to solely online service, but smaller companies do have other choices besides diverting a ton of manpower. One way is to utilize a live chat service that can help small businesses find pre-qualified clients.A good source of live chat providers is Ngage Live. Transcripts from live chats with customers are reviewed, and then Ngage lets you know who your potential clients are. For friendly, reliable live chat service, check out Ngage Live today.

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