Investment Advisor Software For Free

I like to keep in touch with the latest stock market news via various blogs that I’ve signed up for. Every other day my spam folder gets filled up by all kinds of junk as a result of this. It’s always some new affiliate product that’s going to make me rich over night. I’m always left wondering, if I had this amazing software would I really send an email out to everyone and their grandma offering them a slice of it? Of course not! I’d be greedy and keep it all for myself. So if you get an email in your mail box offering you riches beyond your wildest dreams, don’t be a sucker. Whoever it is that’s trying to sell it to you is obviously not making any cash from buying and selling stocks and so have to do it this way. I really need to cancel my subscriptions.I’ve said for a long time now that the best stock market software you’ll find is actually free and available to everyone. I can’t recommend Google Finance highly enough. So forget the rubbish you’re being sent in your mailbox and sign up for a Google Finance account. As well as all the wonderful financial features you’ll also get access to Gmail which is by far and away the best mail software there is. Google News is also fantastic for up the minute information.The one section I use frequently is the portfolio section which allows me to see the whole of my stocks portfolio at a glance. If I want to see which stocks are moving up or down I can see it in an instant. The interface and navigation is a dream to use as you would expect from a Google product. I also use the stock screener quite a bit when I’m searching for stocks to buy. Yes, it can be used to identify potential investments too. There are so many features that I feel like I’m just scratching the surface with it at the moment. If you like to keep your details in a spreadsheet, lets face it, who doesn’t these days then this option is available to you. Google Finance allows you export the data out into whatever format you like. Why not keep track of it in Google Documents too?In conclusion, if you get an unbelievable offer in your inbox of the best stock market software. Forget it, sign up for Google Finance and all your software needs will be taken care of and then some.

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